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When signing up for three years to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase two home game tickets, please note that tickets are limited. You must pay for a three year subscription by the close of business Monday, April 24. Then, you must send an e-mail to between Monday, April 25 and Thursday, April 27. At that time, you will learn which games are available. The ticket option is available only in the first year of a three-year subscription and, remember, YOU MUST e-mail us.

Promotional Offers

If you are visiting this web page due to a promotional offer you've seen elsewhere and do not see the same promotional pricing/incentives listed on this page, please contact our offices at 800-334-4005 to place your order. We will update the web page accordingly as soon as possible.

Please do not assume that you will receive the gift incentives noted on your printed renewal offer if it is not explicitly listed in the available subscription options above.

Publishing Schedule

Steelers Digest is published after every two games during the season (September - December) and once every several months off-season (usually late March, mid-May, late July, and late August). Upon ordering, you will be entered to receive the next issue of Steelers Digest.

Subscription Policy

We regret to inform you that we cannot process international orders via this website at this time. Please contact our offices at 800-334-4005 for more information on international shipping.

Please note that all subscriptions are final.

Steelers Digest has no control over the timeliness in delivery of issues. Any delivery delays should be communicated to your local post master general. In most cases, delivery delays can only be corrected by upgrading the subscription to 1st class delivery. We would be glad to fairly pro-rate the cost of 1st class delivery according to the length remaining on existing subscriptions.

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For any questions related specifically to your Steelers Digest subscription, please contact customer service by filling out the form below. Please provide the mailing zip code that we currently have on file for you.